10 Facts you need to know about the Vizsla

and we know you’re accustomed to most of them, but that about the Vizsla breed? The Vizsla breed of dog is a great companion, and if you didn’t know this already, it’s time to learn why. So let’s take a look at 10 awesome reasons why Vizsla dogs make fantastic companions.

1. Vizsla Loyalty

Most dogs are loyal, that is to be assumed, but are they as loyal as the Vizsla breed? This dog will actually treat you with respect, instead of fighting you overpower. You’ll notice this at an early age in the dog’s life, and their ability to be well trained makes them a great loyal companion.

2. Vizsla Lifespan

Vizsla dogs are also a great companion if you’re looking for one that is going to be around for a while. While your average canine breed will last anywhere between 8-13 years, a Vizsla dog is expected to last around 13-15 years. That’s a long time right?

3. Vizsla Friendliness

If you have children, and are looking for a companion that will get along well with them, a Vizsla dog is an excellent choice. These dogs tend to be extremely gentle when they’re playing around, as opposed to some of the other dogs out there. Vizsla dogs also love being pampered, like most other dogs, so you’ll usually find them waiting for a snack or back rub.

4. Vizsla Energy

If you’re looking for a dog that has tons of energy, you’ll love a Vizsla dog. This breed is known to play around for hours before becoming fatigued, and have a very quick recovery period. This is why you’ll see many Vizsla dogs in show business. They make excellent show dogs!

5. Vizsla Quiet

Now, if you know a dog with a lot of energy, what does it do? It barks, and it barks a lot. If you’re looking for a companion that isn’t as loud as most other dogs, then you’ll be filled with joy to lean that Vizsla dogs tend to stick to the quieter side of things.

6. Vizsla Hunting

Not everyone uses their dog for hunting, but you’ll be shocked when you find out just how good the nose of a Vizsla dog is. Their noses are absolutely fantastic, and because of this, they make great hunting dogs. Throughout history these dogs have been used for hunting game.

7. Vizsla Protective Tendency

Most dogs show protective tendencies, but the Vizsla dog shows excellent protective tendencies. A Vizsla dog may not look too mean, and is usually very gentle with those it feels for, but that does not mean this dog has no bite. If you’re looking to keep safe, a Vizsla dog will always have your back.

8. Vizsla Love for water

This is something you don’t see often. A dog that loves water. Well, Vizsla dogs love water so much, that their noses actually adapted to hunting in the water. This can be great for fishing, but it also gives them a general love for swimming around.

9. Vizsla Smarts

The Vizsla dog, above all, is extremely smart. Vizsla dogs are known to respond extremely well to training, and can learn new tricks easily on their own.

You better watch out, because if you leave them to their own devices, they may come back smarter than you thought. Being smart is also great to have in a dog because it allows them to be more self-sufficient.

10. Vizsla Heritage

If you’re unsure of where this breed of dog came from, look no further than Hungary. Believe it or not, this is where the breed originated, but now you can find them in homes across the globe. How is that for popularity?

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