Australian Shepherd and Corgi Mix A Complete Guide

Australian Shepherd and Corgi Mix

Australian Shepherds are well-known for their striking blue eyes and mottled coats of various colors while the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is adored by many for its miniature features and goofy nature. But what about when you cross these two beloved breeds together?

An Auggie is the result of mixing an Australian Shepherd with a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. These energetic and intelligent furballs often have the adorably short legs of the Corgi with the coloration of an Australian Shepherd.

Continue reading to get an idea of what you can expect from the parent breeds and designer mix, as well as the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Australian Shepherd, Auggie, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Comparison Table

  Australian Shepherd Auggie Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Height 18-23 inches 10-13 inches 10-12 inches
Weight 40-65 pounds 20-30 pounds Up to 30 pounds
Life Expectancy 12-15 years 12-15 years 12-13 years
Colors Black
Blue Merle
Red Merle
Black and brown
Black and white
Brown or gray with white
Black and tan
Coat Type Double coat with medium length Double coat with short to medium length Double coat with short length
Affection Levels Averagely loving Pretty loving Very loving
Shedding Level Average shedding High shedding High shedding
Temperament Pretty playful
Average protectiveness
Pretty playful
Pretty protective
Pretty playful
Very protective
Health Issues Hip dysplasia
Hip dysplasia
Degenerative myelopathy
von Willebrand’s disease
Eye problems
Hip dysplasia
Elbow dysplasia
Cardiac problems
Degenerative myelopathy
von Willebrand’s disease
Trainability Very easy to train Pretty easy to train Pretty easy to train
Exercise Very high exercise needs Very high exercise needs Pretty high exercise needs
Friendliness to People Alright with strangers Pretty good with strangers Pretty good with strangers
Friendliness to Dogs Alright with other dogs Pretty good with other dogs Pretty good with other dogs
Drooling Levels Little to no drooling Little to no drooling Little to no drooling
Mental Stimulation Very high mental stimulation required Very high mental stimulation required High mental stimulation required
Barking Level Average barking More barking More barking
Australian Shepherd, Auggie, Pembroke Welsh Corgi Comparison Table

About Australian Shepherds

The Australian Shepherd has been a recognized herding-type breed by the American Kennel Club since 1993. Unlike some other breeds, the Australian Shepherd has traveled the world and been refined throughout its journey.

The breed originally started near the Pyrenees Mountains on the border of France and Spain like the Great Pyrenees but Basque shepherds brought their flocks and herding dogs with them to Australia where the breed began to come into its own.

Exemplary specimens of the breed made their way to America where the dogs earned their misnomer of a name under the assumption that the breed was wholly Australian.

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed
Australian Shepherd Dog Breed

Australian Shepherds have since gone on to cement their place in the human world by performing outstanding work as herders, guides, and therapy dogs, as well as performers in cowboy rodeos.

One must be careful when considering owning or breeding Australian Shepherds because the breed is extremely susceptible to deafness and blindness (known as lethal white) thanks to the linking of genes relating to coat color and these conditions.

About Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Not to be confused with Cardigan Welsh Corgis because of their similarity, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are another herding dog breed.

Their lineage and genetic makeup are clear as day in their physical differences between the two kinds of Corgi with the Pembroke owing much of its ancestry to breeds such as the Pomeranian, Samoyed, Keeshond, and Norwegian Elkhound.

The Cardigan’s signature, long tail and rounded ear characteristics come from crosses with dogs like the Dachshund.

Many people incorrectly assume that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a low-energy breed because of its size and how much it loves lazy cuddles with its owner. This is because many accidentally overlook the herding heritage this breed has.

Corgi Dog Breed
Corgi Dog Breed

Although the Pembroke is an affectionate and loyal breed, they are also known for having stubborn streaks that require a patient and resolute hand when it comes to training.

These dogs are incredibly smart, often ranking 11th out of 137 breeds for intelligence which could explain their demanding nature.

About Auggies

Sometimes known as an Aussie Corgi, a Corgherd, or the alternative spelling, Augie, Auggies take many of the best parts of both parent breeds and combine them into a single creature.

This means that an Auggie should be much more outgoing and friendly than the average Australian Shepherd with the desire to please during training that some Corgis might be missing.

You might think that Auggies aren’t particularly healthy dogs because of the list of potential health issues but as long as a responsible breeder is in charge, you should be able to dote on your furry friend for the full length of their life expectancy.

What Will My Auggie Look Like?

Like most designer or hybrid dog mixes, relatively little is known about Auggies. Although we do know, logically, that an Auggie can look anywhere between an Australian Shepherd and a Corgi, it will be difficult to predict the exact physical appearance of a puppy.

In the majority of cases, the stubby legs of the Corgi are passed down to the offspring but Auggies can still end up slightly taller than their Corgi parent.

Even though most Aussie Shepherds have docked tails, they have the genetics to pass down a longer tail than what Corgis have, so an Auggie can have no tail, a very short tail, or a full-length tail.

As far as their coat, Auggies will keep a double coat but can have hairs between short and medium length. The striking features of the Australian Shepherd like the blue eyes and mottled coat can be inherited or mixed with the typical markings tan, white, or black markings of a Pembroke.

Are Auggies hypoallergenic dogs?

If you a little about people who are allergic to dogs, you might know that there are different allergens a dog can produce that trigger an allergic response.

One of these allergens is the drool that dogs can produce and since Auggie have little to no drool, like their parent breeds, you might preemptively conclude that Auggies are hypoallergenic.

Unfortunately, that is not enough to say that Auggies are hypoallergenic, especially since they tend to shed more than average. These hairs (and even the dander that can come with them) can also trigger an allergic reaction in people.

Luckily, allergies don’t have to keep you from finding the perfect dog for your lifestyle. If you brush and clean regularly, airborne allergens are less likely to be present. An air filter and allergy medication can also go a long way to reducing or even eliminating symptoms of allergies.

How Much Exercise Does An Auggie Need?

Just because an Auggie can easily be picked up and handled by most people doesn’t mean that it should be carried around everywhere. Both the Australian Shepherd and Pembroke Welsh Corgi are high-energy breeds, so their offspring will be as well.

A more detailed examination of Auggies shows that they desperately need at least 2 hours of exercise daily. Running and playing games like catch are some of the best ways to work to burn their energy and stimulate the mind at the same time.

Without proper amounts of exercise, an Auggie may turn to destructive behaviors out of boredom, so make sure you can keep up with an Auggie’s needs before adopting or purchasing one.


Auggies are smart dogs with a surprising amount of energy and a flair for stubborn independence. Their strong herding instincts mean they generally aren’t recommended for families with small children but their fierce intelligence can also make it challenging for first-time dog owners.

Regular exercise and a mentally stimulating job should prevent most undesirable behavior while keeping your pup trim, healthy, and happy.