Can a Chow Chow Beat a Pitbull? 

Can a Chow Chow Beat a Pitbull

Dogs are wonderful pets, especially because they are our friends and give us a lot of love and affection. While not all dog breeds are as attached to their loved ones, that doesn’t mean they don’t form strong bonds with their owners and members of their human families.

Obviously, each of the characteristics that a dog can have depends solely and exclusively on its particular breed. Some dogs can be more affectionate and friendly, while others are more aloof and prone to aggressive behaviour.

We can’t only find differences in the personality and temperament of the different breeds of dogs but also in their physical characteristics. We can find a lot of canines worldwide ranging from small to large sizes and from muscular and robust bodies to slimmer ones.

All these characteristics are essential to take into account when purchasing a certain breed of dog since it is very likely that not all of them will suit your family. For example, Chow Chows are dogs that have a cute appearance but can be aggressive on many occasions.

They are large dogs that can get along with their family but can be dangerous to children, other people, and pets.

They will not hesitate for a second to show aggressive behaviour towards those people and animals that are not part of their family. Obviously, that is a problem that can be corrected with socialisation training.

Due to these characteristics, many people hesitate to acquire a Chow Chow, while others are curious to know who would win between a dog of this breed and another. For example, among the most frequent comparisons, we can find Pitbulls.

Some people wonder if Chow Chows can beat Pitbulls either out of curiosity or because they have a Pitbull as a pet at home.

Can a Chow Chow Beat a Pitbull?

Pitbulls have a bad reputation. Many people see them as aggressive dogs, and that is because they were originally used to fight other animals, including dogs. The truth is that if they receive the right lifestyle, they can become very affectionate and loyal animals.

Keep in mind that Pitbulls have incredible strength, and it is challenging for another breed to beat them in combat. However, the Chow Chow is one of those capable of beating a Pitbull.

The first thing we should compare is the bite force of both. A Pitbull has a bite force of 235 lbs while that of a Chow Chow is 220 lbs.

While a Pitbull’s bite force is slightly higher, it won’t be much of an advantage in a fight against a Chow Chow. We must not only take into account the bite force of both but also other aspects regarding a confrontation between the two.

For example, Chow Chows are characterized by having abundant fur with a mane similar to that of a lion.

This fur can be used as a defence since, despite the excellent resistance of a Pitbull, it will not be able to seriously injure a Chow Chow in the first attempts.

The abundant hair will serve to defend the Chow Chow from any bite. In fact, the Pitbull is likely to choke on its fur and give up. At that moment, the Chow Chow will take the opportunity to finish its work.

Either dog can win the fight, but the Chow Chow has the defence factor in its favour. The Pitbull will undoubtedly take serious damage if it is bitten by the Chow Chow the first time.


The Chow Chow and the Pitbull have similar strengths and certain advantages that make a matchup between them even.

The canine with more strength and strategically attacks its rival will be the winner. In this case, the Chow Chow has a slight advantage thanks to its abundant fur.