Can Chow Chows Be Service Dogs?

Can Chow Chows Be Service Dogs

Many studies have proven the benefits that dogs offer to families. These pets help people feel happier and have a better physical condition. Generally, people who suffer from anxiety or stress do better with these animals.

Our dogs are part of our family, and they treat us like a member of their pack. They form strong bonds with us and become loyal and faithful.

As we have said, these animals are acquired by many people due to the physical and emotional benefits they offer, and that is the reason why service dogs exist.

In this article, we will talk about Chow Chows as service dogs, but before that, we need to know what a service dog is.

Service dogs are those trained to help people who often have problems in their day-to-day. Thanks to these animals, anyone with emotional issues, stress, anxiety, or disabilities will forget much of their problems.

Generally, service dogs have been trained to carry out tasks specific to the type of disability a person has.

For example, these canines can be trained to alert people who are deaf, guide people who are blind or help people with mobility problems get around (usually with a wheelchair).

As owners of a Chow Chow, it is normal to wonder if these animals can be service dogs.

Could a Chow Chow Be a Service Dog?

Generally, Chow Chows are known for not being good service dogs. In fact, it is very rare to see this breed carrying out the activities of a service dog.

The main reason for this is that they are naturally stubborn, aloof, and sometimes aggressive towards other people they don’t know.

Although they can be affectionate with members of their family, they will not get along very well with other animals and people unless they are properly socialized.

The stubbornness of a Chow Chow makes it challenging to train, which, coupled with its personality, makes it hard to think that it could be trained to be a service dog.

Fortunately, not all Chow Chows are the same. Despite what we have said above, many people claim to have seen Chow Chows carry out the duties of a service dog.

If they receive a lot of love from puppyhood and are properly educated, a professional trainer could train them to become excellent service dogs.

What Tasks Can a Chow Chow Perform as a Service Dog?

The fact that they are not the best service dogs, added to the difficulty of training them for this facet, makes us think that Chow Chows cannot perform well in all areas as service dogs.

Still, Chow Chows are brilliant dogs and can become good service dogs with the right training and enough patience.

Chow Chows Can Help Disabled People

Generally, canines used to assist disabled people must be affectionate and calm, which are not characteristics we can find in a Chow Chow.

However, if they are appropriately raised from puppies and receive the necessary socialization, they could adapt to this role and live with other people without the risk of aggression.

Aggression in Chow Chows is due to a lack of socialization and some negative experiences in the past.

Keep in mind that if one of these dogs exhibits aggressive behavior, it is challenging for them to become a good service dog. That is why it is important to emphasize proper training at an early age.

Chow Chows Can Help People Who Need Therapy

A service dog intended to help people in need of therapy should be very friendly with strangers and get along with them quickly. Again, this does not apply to Chow Chows.

If you want to teach a Chow Chow to be a good therapy dog, ​​you must make sure to train and socialize it when it is a puppy. Also, make sure to give it lots of love and attention.

That way, it will grow up to be a friendly animal not only with its family but also with other people and even animals.

A Chow Chow could help people suffering from anxiety, stress, fear, worry, autism, etc. An advantage that these dogs have compared to others is their abundant fur.

The patient will be able to hug the canine and will feel great doing so. Petting a dog can be a way to forget our problems and have a happy time.

Chow Chows can also be trained to help in the rehabilitation of people.

Training a Chow Chow

Generally, it is not necessary to hire the services of a professional trainer to train a service dog. However, this only applies to other breeds of dogs.

We have already said that Chow Chows can be difficult to train, even for experienced owners. Furthermore, training a Chow Chow to be a good service dog is even more complicated and requires the help of a professional.

The AKC (American Kennel Club) ensures that the range of time needed to train a service dog varies between 6 months and 2 years. In the case of a Chow Chow, training is likely to take more than 6 months, so you have to be patient.

How Can I Train My Chow Chow Myself?

It is important that you have previous experience training other dogs you have owned. Chow Chows are complicated dogs that have difficult personalities.

Training them is not easy, and that is why we have stressed the need to hire a professional trainer. If you still want to do it yourself, then follow these tips:

  • Teach your Chow Chow basic skills and commands from an early age.
  • Socialize your canine. Take it to places where there are people and other animals so that it can interact with them.
  • Teach it to ignore distractions and focus only on you.
  • Determine what kind of work you want your dog to do. You can train it to help people with disabilities or those who need therapy and emotional support.