Can Chow Chows Live Outside?

Can Chow Chows Live Outside

Many families acquire a pet without knowing the responsibility that this implies. Some people do not understand that dogs should be treated with love and respect since they are also part of their families.

If we are unwilling to provide them with a suitable lifestyle, we should not adopt or buy such a pet. Dogs have feelings just like humans and will feel sad or anxious when they don’t get the love, food, and attention they deserve.

One of the things that families do not take into account when bringing a new canine home is the place where it will sleep.

Many people, especially inexperienced owners, think it’s totally fine to leave these animals outside overnight. This is something that could be quite negative for many breeds of dogs. In this article, our focus will be on the Chow Chow.

Chow Chows are cute animals that look like teddy bears. When we see a dog of this breed, the first thing we want to do is hug it.

Obviously, interacting with someone else’s Chow Chow is not the best idea as these dogs do not get along with strangers, especially if they have not been properly socialized. In addition to that, they could show aggressive behavior in some situations.

Due to the personality of these dogs, many owners think that letting them sleep outside all night will not affect them emotionally, but that’s not very accurate.

Can Chow Chows Live Outside?

We can say that Chow Chows are aloof canines who love to spend time alone. However, that does not mean they can be left alone all day or night.

Just like any other breed, Chow Chows can suffer from separation anxiety. This disorder manifests itself when such an animal is left alone for many hours.

The canine could feel abandoned in these cases and end up developing destructive behaviors such as barking loudly, digging, running, bumping into everything, and even trying to escape.

If your Chow Chow hasn’t been trained, it won’t be able to stay outside alone all night. However, separation anxiety is not the only aspect we must consider when leaving our dog outside.

Chow Chows are dogs that are characterized by having a double-layered coat. That means that they have an inner layer of hair that is woolly and soft and an outer layer that is characterized by being abundant and thick and is what gives them that mane of a lion.

Why do we talk about fur? Chow Chows may only live outside when the weather is right. That means a dog of this type cannot be exposed outdoors to extreme heat or cold.

The coat of a Chow Chow precisely has the function of protecting it from the cold and regulating its temperature when it is hot.

However, keep in mind that Chow Chows handle cold better than heat. It is normal for these dogs to feel agitated and tire quickly when it is very hot. In fact, they could get heatstroke on an extremely hot day, and things could worsen if the canine is exercising.

You may think that shaving the coat of a Chow Chow is the solution, but it is not. In fact, that would make the situation worse.

Shaving the hair of this breed will not only make it more prone to cold weather, but the sun could reach its skin and burn it. That is why having an animal of this type in an area where temperatures are usually very high or low is complicated.

What Happens in Cold Climates?

The coat can protect the Chow Chow from relatively cold climates, but it will not protect it from extreme cold, especially if you live where it usually snows a lot.

When it snows, the ground is usually covered in snow, which will easily affect the short legs of the Chow Chows. In addition, it is not recommended to leave them during the winter as they could be exposed to snowstorms.

That is dangerous even when inside the house, so it is important to have the heating on so your pet feels good.

Signs of Overheating in Your Chow Chow

You should never leave your Chow Chow outside in very hot weather as it can quickly overheat. It is important that you know the most common symptoms to know how to identify this situation and prevent something worse from happening:

  • Excessive panting
  • Dehydration
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fever
  • Lethargy
  • Muscle tremors


Based on everything we have seen, it is essential to take into account certain preventive measures that will avoid any unfortunate situation:

  • Don’t let your Chow Chow live outside. If you don’t want it to stay indoors, you can leave it outside all day as long as you provide it with entertainment from time to time and the weather conditions are suitable. You can allow your Chow Chow to sleep indoors at night.
  • In case of extreme temperatures, keep your Chow Chow indoors.
  • Be sure to exercise your dog during times of the day when it is not too hot. Similarly, make sure you always carry water with you to prevent the canine from becoming dehydrated.
  • Never shave a Chow Chow. That will make its skin more exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • In case you leave your Chow Chow outside during the day, make sure it is in a shady place. We do not want our canines to suffer heatstroke due to the sun. You can buy a dog house or install a kennel.
  • Properly set the place for your Chow Chow. The ground can be very hot on hot days because it is usually made of concrete or asphalt and could burn the canine’s legs and body. Unless you have a patch of grass, be sure to lay damp towels on the ground.