Cockapoo Breed Information and Personality Traits 

Cockapoo Breed Information and Personality Traits 

Having a pet is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and owning a canine is even better. Because of their dedication and devotion to their masters, these animals are regarded as man’s greatest friends.

Having such a pet, however, entails a tremendous deal of responsibility, particularly if we have a mixed breed like the Cockapoo. We need to look at several things, including care, diet, and training. 

Cockapoo dogs are medium-sized canines that live longer than many other breeds of dogs. Their parents’ dominant DNA mainly determines the look of these canines.

This indicates that dogs of this breed will have features similar to those of a Poodle or a Cocker Spaniel. Its medium size, long, drooping ears, and long, wavy hair are the most prominent traits of this canine. 

The lovely personalities of Cockapoo dogs are well-known. They are social, clever, active, and loving creatures. They are constantly seeking companionship and attention.

They’re popular as therapy and support dogs because of their gentleness and balanced personalities. These animals have close bonds with their loved ones, which can include other canines or pets as well as humans. 

Cockapoo Information Table 

Other Names  Cockerpoo, Cockerdoodle, Spoodle 
Origin   United States 
Dog Type  Sporting or Non-Sporting (Depending on the genetics of the parents) 
Size  Cockapoo dogs are between 23 cm and 46 cm tall 
Weight  Cockapoo dogs weigh between 5.5 kg and 11 kg 
Coat   Variety of Fur Types (long, straight, or slightly wavy; coarse, medium-length, and very curly) 
Lifespan  12 – 20 years 
Cockapoo Information Table 

How to Groom a Cockapoo at Home? 

Detangling spray on your Cockapoo’s coat or grooming equipment. That will make your job easier when dealing with tangles. You must now brush your pet.

In that case, use a stainless steel comb to ensure you can reach down into your dog’s fur to find mats and tangles. Comb your pet little by little to eliminate any dead, shed, stuck hair that remains after all mats and tangles have been removed. 

It’s also crucial to keep your dog’s nails trimmed as needed. That way, it will not feel uncomfortable when walking, and the floor of your house will not suffer damage. 

A vital part of grooming is checking and cleaning our canine’s ears and brushing their teeth. Poor hygiene in both cases could cause diseases or infections. In the same way, it is advisable to provide it with regular baths as long as it needs it. 

Are CockapoosHypoallergenic? 

Even though the Poodle gene makes Cockapoos hypoallergenic low-shedding canines, individuals are sensitive to their dander. That is done in this situation by the dead skin cells of the dog. 

Cockapoos are a cross between Poodles and cocker spaniels, and Poodles are known to shed less than most dogs; thus, they may be ideal for allergy sufferers. This, combined with the fact that Poodles are considered intelligent, is one of the primary reasons they are mixed with other canines. 

That does not mean that the claim that Cockapoos are always appropriate for those with allergies is correct. 

An important point that we must consider is the variation of the coats of this mixed breed. For that reason, some Cockapoos will be more hypoallergenic than others. 

How Much Exercise Does a Cockapoo Need? 

These canines require a lot of mental and physical stimulation. The quantity of exercise required by your Cockapoo is determined by its size, age, and overall fitness and health. As we all know, Cockapoos come in various sizes because of the many sorts of Poodles. 

Each day, Cockapoos have a lot of energy to expend. A healthy adult Cockapoo requires between 30 and 60 minutes of daily activity and daily walks, games, and mental stimulation should all be included.

It’s worth noting that a Cockapoo has a bit less energy than Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, which require an average of around an hour of daily activity. 

If we talk specifically about the puppies of this breed, we have to say that they will need to do 1 or 2 exercise sessions for 5 minutes each month of age. In this list, you will be able to know the number of minutes that your puppy will need according to the months of age:  

  • 3-month-old Cockapoos will need 15-30 minutes of exercise.  
  • 4-month-old Cockapoos will need 20-40 minutes of exercise.  
  • 5-month-old Cockapoos will need 25-45 minutes of exercise. 
  • 6-month-old Cockapoos will need 30-60 minutes of exercise. 

How Long Do Cockapoo Dogs Live? 

The average life expectancy of a Cockapoo varies between 12 and 20 years. It should be noted that said time will depend on certain factors such as diet, physical activity, mental stimulation, genetics, and quality of life in general. 

Is Cockapoo a Good Family Dog? 

Is Cockapoo a Good Family Dog? 

If properly trained and socialized, Cockapoos may make wonderful family dogs. They get along well with youngsters and are ideally suited for families that live in a home with a large backyard where they may run around freely.

It should be noted, however, that small children should always be monitored while around canines of any type and that proper care must be taken. 

Cockapoos love to interact with humans, which is acceptable if they live in a home where one person is generally there while the rest of the family is away. They are not the ideal alternative for individuals who work most of the day and leave their pets alone for lengthy periods of time.

If left alone for extended periods, Cockapoos can become bored and possibly develop separation anxiety, resulting in destructive behavior and excessive barking. 

Cockapoos’ hypoallergenic and low-shedding coats are another aspect that makes them an excellent family canine. It’s crucial to remember that not all Cockapoos are allergy-friendly due to the different types of fur they can inherit. 

When is CockapooFull Grown? 

Cockapoos are considered fully developed when they reach the age of 24 months. They, however, develop exceptionally quickly throughout the first year of their lives, and by the age of 12 months, they will have gained 95% of their body weight. Cockapoo owners often believe that their puppy will never stop growing in the first few months of life. 

Most Cockapoo owners, understandably, want to know how large their pet will grow as an adult. Here are some general guidelines for estimating your Cockapoo’s full-grown size: 

  • Multiply your Cockapoo’s weight by 4 when it is four weeks old to determine its full-grown body weight. 
  • When it’s 12 weeks old, you may estimate your Cockapoo’s full-grown weight by doubling its weight. 
  • In case 24 weeks old, you may calculate your Cockapoo’s full-grown weight by multiplying its weight by 1.25. 

It’s worth noting that little dogs achieve full adult size faster than huge dogs. We have to remember that Cockapoo can have different sizes, so that could visually confuse the owners of these dogs. 

Do Cockapoo Dogs Shed? 

Yes, Cockapoos shed, as do all canines to some extent. It should be noted that the Cockapoo sheds far less than other types of dogs, and it mostly depends on the fur they have. 

The Cockapoo has a pup coat that must be shed as the dog ages. Around the age of 8 months, the Cockapoo begins to develop its adult coat, and it’s a little thicker, sturdier, and less shiny than its puppy fur. 

The inherited coat type can also influence shedding, and Cockapoos may shed more frequently than others based on the fur they receive from their parents. 

Like other dogs, the shedding of a Cockapoo can also be a response to climate change. In the case of a Cockapoo, it may shed a little more in the summer to minimize the amount of insulation it receives. The dog will stay cooler as a result of this. 

When to Bathe a Cockapoo? 

Cockapoos are usually the healthiest when bathed every 2 to 3 months. It is, nevertheless, critical to be aware of the following: 

  • You probably have to bathe Cockapoos that spend most of their time inside the house once every 4 to 6 months. 
  • If your Cockapoo spends a lot of time outside, you should wash it every 1 to 2 months. 

Bathing your dog too frequently can lead to skin problems, especially if you don’t use a good dog shampoo devoid of detergent and soap. That is because shampoos can deplete the natural oils in your Cockapoo’s coat. 

The only exception to bathing our canine outside of that time range is because it is covered in mud or has a bad smell, either because it scavenges in garbage or swimming in possibly contaminated water. 

Should Cockapoo Dogs Be Shaved? 

Unless your Cockapoo inherits the smooth, fine coat of the Cocker Spaniel, it will not need to be shaved. The only exception is if the hair grows long enough to obstruct your dog’s vision. 

Some owners choose to cut the hair from the face and muzzle of these canines. They also clip the fur around the hindquarters and paw pads for safety and hygienic reasons. 

As we already know, the Cockapoo is a mixed breed that can inherit one or another type of coat. Depending on the coat type, this canine could be challenging to maintain, especially since its hair can become tangled, making brushing difficult. To avoid that, many Cockapoo owners choose to shave their pet to some degree. 

Can a Cockapoo Be a Service Dog?   

Can a Cockapoo Be a Service Dog

Because of how they make people feel, Cockapoos are excellent therapy dogs. Cockapoos are bright canines that are quite easy to teach. This, along with their affectionate disposition and energetic demeanor, makes them ideal therapy or emotional support canines. 

It’s important to realize that therapy and service dogs are not the same. A therapy dog is taught to bring affection and pleasure to individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, hospices, schools, and disaster areas. In contrast, a service dog is trained to conduct work or execute duties for people with a disability.

In this case, Cockapoos bring their owners a lot of joy, and occasionally individuals wish to share their love and good attitude with others. 

As therapy dogs, Cockapoos provide many physical, psychological, and social benefits. Despite having the natural qualities and the right personality to be an excellent therapy dog, the Cockapoo must be properly trained to achieve that goal. 

How Do Cockapoo Dogs Show Affection?  

Some dog breeds are less devoted to their owners and less loyal than others. Cockapoos are highly affectionate dogs who want regular attention. 

One of these dogs’ charming characteristics is that they want to lick your face, so don’t be surprised if your canine ends up bathing you in saliva. This display of affection, along with others we will mention below, only reflects how much these dogs love their masters. 

Cockapoos show their affection by: 

Cockapoo Licking You 

Cockapoos lick to show their affection and devotion to you. Although not all dogs of this breed behave in this manner, it is one of the main ways to show their love. Be aware that your dog will give you a saliva bath, so be ready. 

Cockapoo Jumping on You 

Even though most owners teach their pets not to jump, it is still a frequent way for them to show affection. Cockapoos can get near and exhibit affection by climbing and jumping.

It’s a way for them to show their love for you while simultaneously expressing their happiness to see you again. 

Cockapoo Leaning on You 

Cockapoos are notorious for this kind of conduct. When your dog leans on you, it expresses its love and trust for you. This is certainly one of the most passionate displays of affection a Cockapoo can make. 

Cockapoo Following You 

No dog appreciates being left alone for an extended period of time. Cockapoos like spending time with their humans, including their owners and other family members. Because your dog desires to be near you and spend time with you, you see it following you. 

Cockapoo Sniffing You a Lot        

Sniffing is how most dogs meet each other. Sniffing might also be seen as a sign of love and devotion to their owners, and this demonstrates that they care about you and would like to spend time with you. 

Cockapoo Cheering You Up 

Dogs are excellent at detecting emotions. Since they are tied to you, they often sense your feelings. Cockapoos have a lot of empathy, especially with their owners, and will share their pains, fears, or emotions. 

Cockapoo Staring Into Your Eyes  

Staring into your eyes has been shown to be one of the ways that Cockapoos and any other breed of dog show affection. A hormone called oxytocin is released when dogs do this, helping establish strong bonds between them and their owner. 

Can My Cockapoo Dog Live in Hot Weather? 

The warm weather is pleasant, and your Cockapoo will enjoy spending as much time as possible outside, but the heat can cause issues. The fur of this canine plus extreme heat could be dangerous for your pet, and it could even suffer a heat stroke. 

Ensure your dog does not spend too much time outside in the heat. It should always have a pot of water aside to stay hydrated while outside, especially during hot weather, obviously. 

Certain symptoms could warn you that your dog could suffer a heat stroke: 

  • Panting 
  • Weakness 
  • Bright red tongue 
  • Red gums 
  • Dizziness 
  • Sticky saliva 
  • Vomiting 

Can Cockapoo Dogs Live Outside?  

Because these dogs were bred to be companion pets, they must not be kept outside or in kennels. When they’re with their family, they are happy, but they might develop separation anxiety when left alone for lengthy periods. Destructive behavior and excessive barking might be a result of this. 

However, some of these canines prefer to be outside and require special equipment to be happy and safe. In these situations, protection from the weather is essential. One approach to accomplish this is to provide a kennel in the shade where your pet may rest. It is also critical that it has access to water. 

It is not advisable to leave a Cockapoo outside for what we have already commented, but if you need to, make sure your garden is completely fenced with no secret escape routes.

You must also give stimulation to your dog. If they become bored, it can lead to a variety of issues. They would not only be free to seek adventures, but there will also be greater hazards outdoors. Toys and games involving concealed food are excellent sources of brain stimulation. 

Can Cockapoos Swim? 

Can Cockapoos Swim

Yes! Cockapoos are natural swimmers who know how to do well in the water. Because this breed is a cross between a Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel, it enjoys swimming. Why?

Poodles enjoy being in the water and are born with webbed feet that aid in swimming. On the other hand, Spaniels have a natural affinity for water, which they inherited from their ancestors who used to hunt in this environment. 

Cocker Spaniels, unlike Poodles, are not natural swimmers, although they may become quite used to the water and float in ponds or deeper pools. 

Many Cockapoos inherit the webbed feet of Poodles, which is great for swimming, while others are not. In that case, you don’t have to worry because webbed feet result from a genetic cross between Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, and even if your Cockapoo doesn’t have them, they’ll be able to swim very well. 

Can Cockapoo Dogs Be Left Alone? 

Can Cockapoo Dogs Be Left Alone

Cockapoos can be left alone for brief amounts of time, depending on their age. If the Cockapoo is still a puppy, it should be OK being left alone for a few hours. Cockapoo puppies should not be left alone for long periods of time since they have not yet been trained. 

When bringing a young Cockapoo into the house, it should never be left alone. It is still adjusting to its new family and home. Cockapoo canines who have been properly trained and are a little older may be left alone for long periods, although this depends on their temperament and personality. 

Unless your Cockapoo has separation anxiety, you can leave it alone if it is an older pup, adult, or senior. Older Cockapoo dogs should not be left alone for long periods because they may have health issues that need to be addressed.

Whether or not a Cockapoo can be left alone at home depends on various circumstances, and you must remember that each dog, regardless of breed, is unique. 

You can leave your dog with one of your family members while you go to work if you live with numerous relatives. Similarly, you can ask a neighbor for help to look after your Cockapoo while you are gone, which is not recommended if you work every day. 

Are Cockapoo Dogs Good with Cats?  

Cockapoos and cats may get along swimmingly if you, as the owner, ensure that the two pets are introduced calmly and stress-free. 

In this relationship, your dog is unlikely to be an issue. When it comes to cats, Cockapoos are typically quite friendly. It may occasionally chase the feline around the home or backyard, but your dog is more likely trying to play than doing something dangerous. 

If your Cockapoo and cat have a conflict, it’s most likely because of the feline. When cats meet new dogs, they might become frightened and attack. 

In most circumstances, the Cockapoo will be more active and playful. Cats are lonely creatures that dislike having a dog begging them to play all the time.

Your cat may become disappointed if it prefers to spend time alone doing cat things, but a loving dog will continually attempt to entice it to play and run around. Keeping the dog in a separate place from the cat as much as possible may be a great strategy. 

Do Cockapoo Dogs Like to Cuddle? 

A Cockapoo is an excellent choice if you want a canine that will approach and offer you plenty of cuddles and snuggle up to you when you choose to relax on the couch while also being able to entertain them with games and toys.

Because they were designed to be companion pets, Cockapoos are highly loveable and sociable cross-breed dogs who love to hug and snuggle. 

Cockapoos are a type of dog that requires a lot of attention, so you’ll almost certainly find yourself with your pet on your lap whenever you sit down.

Although Cockapoos enjoy cuddling, each dog has its own personality and disposition. Cockapoos’ cuddling preferences vary according to their age, health, and emotional condition at any particular time. 

Spending quality time with them can deepen the relationship between Cockapoos that like cuddling and you. Cockapoos enjoy cuddling and may get quite connected to the people they snuggle with. 

Are Cockapoo Dogs Aggressive? 

Most Cockapoos are not naturally aggressive canines; they are usually amiable dogs with a lot of energy. While aggressiveness is not prevalent in Cockapoos, certain dogs may act aggressively at times.

A Cockapoo who has not been properly socialized or has been mistreated previous to joining your house, for example, is more likely to be aggressive. 

Lack of socialization as a pup is one of the primary reasons a Cockapoo might become violent. From the first week of ownership, the most important thing a Cockapoo owner should do is socialize his dog in pleasant circumstances. 

While aggressive behavior in well-bred and trained Cockapoos is uncommon, they could become hostile in certain situations, such as when they feel threatened by a stranger or another animal or when they wish to guard their territory, food, or toys.

A traumatic incident in the past might also trigger this conduct. Because it is a mixed dog, one of its parents has probably demonstrated aggressive behavior. 

Are Cockapoo Dogs Good with Kids? 

Bringing a puppy home would involve major lifestyle adjustments and increased duties for most families with children.

Before taking on this job, it’s essential to consider various factors when choosing a dog, including understanding the breed’s personality, knowing the dog’s size, and knowing if the canine is nice to children. 

Cockapoos are nice with kids in this case. They are frequently punctuated and full of energy. They’re lively but gentle, and they always love being in the company of people. They bond well with children because of their energetic personalities. 

Cockapoos and youngsters might spend many hours together playing. These dogs are very intelligent and relatively easy to train, making them ideal for kids to teach basic tricks. 

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to remember that they must not be left alone with kids under the age of 7. This is because these dogs are very energetic and active, so it is possible that they could hit and knock your child (unintentionally) when trying to play with him. 

Things to Do to Introduce the Cockapoo to Children  

  • Establish many rules so your kids understand how to interact with the Cockapoo. 
  • Help your youngster confidently approach the dog from the side, stopping short of petting the dog right away. 
  • Encourage your kid to pet the animal when you observe it is calm. 

Are Cockapoos Good with Other Dogs? 

When adequately socialized, Cockapoos get along nicely with other dogs. Cockapoos make excellent pets for families with kids, and they get along well with other animals. Positive reinforcement training would help minimize hostility, whining, and barking when socializing Cockapoos with other canines. 

The Cocker Spaniel and Poodle are noted for their sociability with other canines. These characteristics are passed down to the Cockapoo, which is known for being sociable to other dogs and pups. 

Cockapoos have a proclivity for being territorial and protective of their territory. Adding a strange new canine into your home might make your dog aggressive. Even the most gentle ones are prone to this. Therefore, you have to introduce your Cockapoo to the new canine as quickly as possible so that they learn to be good friends. 

Cockapoo Dog Diet 

Sudden dietary changes could cause stomach problems and even diarrhea, potentially dehydrating and sickening your new pup. If you wish to move your Cockapoo puppy to a different meal, do it slowly, replacing a part of the old meal with the new food every day until the dog exclusively eats the new one, avoiding the old one. 

Corn, soy, and wheat allergies are common among Cockapoos, and that implies that your dog’s health might be jeopardized if it eats regular dry processed dog food.

The ideal type of food for your Cockapoo isn’t full of artificial filler components. Giving your canine raw dog food is a good idea. This food is made up of 99% meat, animal fats, and organs.  

Raw food will be one of your Cockapoo’s favorites. Your pet’s health will be optimum if it eats a raw, natural diet.  

The BARF diet is an option. BARF stands for biologically suitable raw foods, and this feeding strategy resembles wolf and other wild canine diets.

Raw bones and meat make up around 80% of the diet, with the remainder coming from ground vegetables and fruits, including broccoli, carrots, and berries. 

Are Cockapoo Dogs Good for First-Time Owners? 

Cockapoos make excellent first dogs if they are properly trained and cared for. On the other hand, certain personality qualities might provide difficulties for owners who are not prepared to deal with them. 

They may be lovely dogs, but they can be challenging if they are not properly taught. If you’re considering adopting or purchasing a Cockapoo, especially as a puppy, there are a few points to note beforehand. 

Cockapoo Physical Characteristics 

They are usually small, making them ideal apartment dogs. Since Cockapoos are a mixed breed, their height and weight are influenced by the size of their parents and could vary from litter to litter.

However, because there are three types of Poodles, Cockapoos’ weight and height might vary based on their Poodle genes. 

Cockapoo Personality 

Cockapoos are known to be joyful, sociable canines with a high level of intellect. Their cleverness makes them great entertainers, but it may also concern new dog owners. 

Cockapoo Exercise 

While not as active as other dogs, Cockapoos require plenty of exercises. You must be able to dedicate 1 hour or more every day to walking and exercising your Cockapoo.

Playing fetch is a favorite pastime of many Cockapoos. Letting your Cockapoo explore and smell around your yard benefits their mind and body. 

Are Cockapoo Dogs Smart? 

Cockapoos have a high level of intelligence. Mixing two of the brightest dog breeds, such as the Poodle and the Cocker Spaniel, the result will be a genius dog. Consequently, they are simple to teach and can be taught practically anything. 

Boredom is the negative side of this intellect. If you have a Cockapoo or intend to get one, be prepared to keep it active. These high-energy canines require both physical and mental stimulation to prevent behavioral and psychological problems. 

When Do Cockapoo Dogs Calm Down? 

When Do Cockapoo Dogs Calm Down

Most Cockapoos will start to calm down between 1 and 2 years of age; however, this type of dog likes to satisfy and will have a lot of energy until adulthood. Just after the period of 7 years of age, your canine will begin to slow down and stop being a troublemaker. 

However, if you’ve only recently adopted your Cockapoo and two years seems like a long time to endure its high activity level, here are some recommendations to help you calm the Cockapoo: 

  • Make sure your Cockapoos receive adequate exercise daily. 
  • Provide it with mental stimulation. 
  • Create a fantastic daily routine. 
  • Provide your Cockapoo with a variety of training types. 

Will Cockapoo Dogs Run Away? 

Will Cockapoo Dogs Run Away

Cockapoos enjoy running. They have a lot of endurance, and you may thus take them for daily walks, running, jogging, or other outdoor activities. 

The answer to whether these dogs will run away is no. It’s not something Cockapoos do. They are both obedient and intelligent. Cockapoos generally like spending time with their masters and family members. As a result, if you bring them home as house canines, they will not escape. 

Cockapoos have an excellent running ability. They, however, identify their home. If you take your pet for a run or jog, it will keep up with you, and there’s no way the Cockapoo is going to run away. 

How Much Do You Feed Your Cockapoo? 

The amount of food we feed a Cockapoo will depend on its age, size, and lifestyle. 

If you have a puppy, it should begin eating a regular diet at the age of eight weeks. It needs to eat four times a day, and it is suggested that you feed it 1/4 to 1/2 cup of puppy food.

This routine must be followed until your pet reaches the age of three months. Rather than four times a day, your pup could now eat three times per day. 

If you have an adult Cockapoo, it should be fed 1/4 to 3/4 cup of adult food twice a day. It is essential to keep in mind that each dog is unique, and a high-energy Cockapoo may require more food than a low-energy Cockapoo. Keep a close check on your pet’s weight and feeding habits. 


Cockapoos are sweet and loving dogs with a high degree of intellect. They are amiable canines who thrive on their masters’ affection and company. They are easy to teach and like interacting with other people. 

If their socialization training is completed appropriately, they should have no trouble making companions with other people or animals. They may, however, become highly destructive if the training is not done correctly. 

They are lovely companions to be around children and families and are fantastic friends. A disadvantage the owners may confront is the cost and time required for grooming.

They don’t shed much, so combing their hair twice or thrice a week should be enough. On the other hand, their curly coats necessitate regular haircuts, which can be costly for some. 

Because it is a good family dog, it dislikes being alone. These animals are also prone to anxiety issues, which can be quite distressing for both the owner and the pup. As a result, you must reserve adequate time in your calendar for them.