French Bulldog and Siberian Husky Mix A Complete Guide

French Bulldog and Siberian Husky Mix

French Bulldogs and Siberian Huskies could not be much further apart. One is short, with a smushed face, short hair, and a lazy temperament while the other enjoys running, is great in cold temperatures with its double coat, and is fairly independent.

So what happens when you mix these vastly different dogs together?

When bred together, you are setting yourself up to get some wide range of dog genetics. Generally, they are on the smaller side but can be anywhere between a French Bulldog or a Husky in size, color, health, and behavior.

You may get an energetic, hyper dog that needs a lot of stimulation or a sturdy, lazy dog that just wants to spend their time cuddling and loving their owner. No matter their personality and looks, the mix is known as a French Bullsky. 

Keep reading to learn more about the mix of French Bulldog and Siberian Husky.

French Bulldog, Siberian Husky, and The French Bullsky Comparison Table

  French Bulldog French Bullsky Siberian Husky
Height 11-13 inches 12-22 inches 20-24 inches
Weight <28 pounds 35-45 pounds 35-60 pounds
Life Expectancy 10-12 years 10-14 years 12-14 years
Colors Cream Brindle White Fawn Brindle and white Fawn and white White and brindle Brindle Fawn Black and tan Black and white Sable and white Gray and white Black and white Black Tan and white Brown and white Gray and white Red and white Sable and white White
Coat Type Short and smooth Thick coat Medium length Double coat Medium length
Affection levels Very loving Very loving Pretty playful Very affectionate Very playful
Shedding Level Average shedding Average shedding More than average shedding
Temperament Very playful Average protectiveness Average protectiveness Not protective
Health Issues Hip dysplasia Patellar luxation Eye disorders Breathing problems Skin allergies Cardiac disorders Hip dysplasia Eye disorders Hypothyroidism Breathing problems Hip dysplasia Eye disorders
Trainability Pretty easy to train Average trainability Average trainability
Exercise Average energy levels Higher energy levels Very high energy
Friendliness to People Very friendly Very friendly Very friendly
Friendliness to Dogs Pretty good with other dogs Pretty good with other dogs Very good with other dogs
Drooling Levels Average drooling Little to no drool Little to no drool
Mental Stimulation Average mental stimulation required Average mental stimulation required Needs more than average mental stimulation
Barking Level Barks to alert Average barking levels Lots of barking
French Bulldog, Siberian Husky, and The French Bullsky Comparison Table

About French Bulldogs

About French Bulldogs
French Bulldog

French Bulldogs were very popular once for those that lived the high-society life. They went from being bull-baiting dogs to living in the lap of luxury with flat faces, big eyes, and large ears often described as ‘bat ears’. They are fairly small but sturdy. 

They do have problems breathing, as do many dogs with flat faces. It is a trait known as Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome (BAS).

This syndrome is what leads to their well-known snorting and snuffling sounds. It can also lead to wheezing, slobbering, and even snoring. This may be cute but can lead to a lot of health problems down the road. 

They also struggle with exercise. Though they need an average amount of physical exercise, they can quickly overheat, so small walks work best for them. 

However, despite all of their health issues, they are one of the most popular dogs in the United States, easily ranking in the top 5. They are friendly dogs and get along well with many people and other pets.

Their personality and size make them a great partner for anyone, even first-time dog owners or those with only small living space. 

About Siberian Huskies

About Siberian Huskies
Siberian Husky Dog

Siberian Huskies are dogs that were made to complete a task. They were used throughout history for pulling lighter sleds over distances quickly, and are well-known for their sled racing skills today.

They also have used their abilities in the past to save sick children, in the case of two dogs known as Togo and Balto. 

Due to their history, it is to be expected that they need a lot of exercise. They aren’t great dogs to have in small apartments as they require a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

However, due to their high energy level and focus, they are also escape artists and can quickly dig under or jump over a fence

The Husky is not a great dog for first-time dog owners, since they need a strong leader and constant grooming. 

However, they are fairly healthy dogs, only commonly experiencing hip dysplasia and eye problems. 

About French Bullskies

A French Bullsky is a difficult dog to categorize. They can look like any mix of a Husky and French Bulldog.

They will likely have a thick double coat like their Husky parent as we have seen from other husky mixes, but it won’t always be the case. They may also have blue eyes or one blue and one brown eye. 

However, they will likely also be prone to heatstroke, since both parents have that risk. That means that these dogs may do better in colder temperatures, though if they have a bulldog’s style of fur, they may get cold easily too. 

They generally stay around a medium size for a dog, usually around 20 inches tall and 40 pounds. 

It is also a good assumption that this dog will be very friendly, likely talkative, and incredibly loyal. They will definitely be stubborn, as both parent breeds are known for their stubborn behaviors. This makes them hard to train and not a great pet for new dog owners.

They will need a strong alpha, and a strict schedule to be on their best behavior. This is not a great dog to get on a whim, and requires a lot of research about both parent breeds to give them proper training and housing.

They are not aggressive breeds and should be great with any children. They may have a high prey drive and will not do well with small pets such as rabbits and rodents in their home without proper separation. 

Even if they take on the appearance of a Bulldog more, it is best to properly secure your yard, if you have one, just in case they are prone to running and escaping like their Husky parent. 

The French Bullsky also needs a lot of attention. They do not do well alone for long periods and may become noisy or destructive while you are gone. If you are in an area with a lot of neighbors, you may face a lot of phone calls and house visits about your dog. 


Sometimes, we can get a good idea of what a mixed dog will act like based on their offspring. However, due to the wide differences between a French Bulldog and a Siberian Husky, there is no way to get an idea of what the offspring is going to be like until they are born. 

The fact that it is a relatively new mix also makes it difficult, as there are not many examples to compare against, and they haven’t been bred for a certain behavior or personality.

Many people consider getting a French Bullsky mix as a puppy a bit like playing the lottery, you are never sure what kind of dog you are going to get.