How to Get Your Vizsla to Chill?

How to Get Your Vizsla to Chill?

Vizslas dogs are very fun and energetic animals that love to play and hang out with their beloved owners. 

These dogs can turn out to be too hyperactive, causing the peace and tranquility of those around them to be disturbed. On the other hand, there is the possibility that these pets are nervous when they are left alone for a long time, worrying about the absence of their owner. 

Dogs and their owners have to develop healthy ways to deal with anxiety and release nervousness. Otherwise, Vizslas can develop dysfunctional behaviors. 

Many times all the dog and its owner need are to slow down, take a few breaths, work on anxiety, and enjoy a nice relaxing massage. When you help the pet get rid of its problems, it will find its relaxation moment. 

In case your Vizsla is a hyperactive dog, you can apply various methods to chill it out: 

Reinforce Their Discreet Behaviors 

You can buy a special training blanket that will be a helpful tool to teach your Vizsla how to chill out. This blanket will be stored while you exercise with your dog in the park. After that, go home, select some dog treats, grab the special training blanket, and sit on the couch. When you sit, place the blanket under your feet and indicate to your Vizsla to sit on it. 

If you notice that the dog is fully seated on the blanket, congratulate it with some positive words such as “well done” or “good boy” and give it a treat as a reward. Gradually increase the duration between each treat you give as a reward. 

It is essential to mention that you must be very slow and calm with all your movements and body gestures. 

The Vizsla will not want to sit on the blanket for long, so it can get out of it. In that case, ignore it and don’t offer any more treats. On the other hand, if it sits down on the blanket again, congratulate it and give it a treat. 

In case your Vizsla is a nervous dog, you can make it relax in the following way: 

Focus on Your Vizsla 

Massage or petting is a way to calm and chill out an anxious and nervous animal. 

You can sit or lie down with your Vizsla on the couch and begin to massage along its body, stroking its sides, back, chest and neck. That will relax it a lot. 

It’s a good idea to try to divert your dog’s attention from the cause of its nerves. In addition to petting it, we recommend taking your pet to parks or play sessions. Many dogs tend to be nervous, and this emotional state cannot be easily eliminated, so playing, running, and taking long walks are ways to help it get rid of stress. 

As an effective last resort, we advise you to reward the good behavior of your Vizsla. Congratulate your dog with some positive words and offer it some treats such as croquettes or fresh fruits. By reacting well to a potentially stressful situation, it will remember these behaviors next time.