Living with a Viszla Dog

Living with a Viszla Dog

Pets are amazing companions of man. Many of them are loyal and will accompany us at any time. Dogs perfectly meet those expectations and especially Vizslas. 

This breed of dog is also known as the Hungarian shorthaired pointer, and its main virtue is to demonstrate its hunting skills. They are characterized by being energetic and active animals with a high level of physical activity. That is one of the reasons why this type of dog requires frequent physical exercises. 

As for the personality of these beautiful pets, they are usually affectionate and loyal to their owners. Furthermore, they are playful and do not exhibit aggressive behavior. 

Vizsla dogs have a strong, lean, and muscular body with beautiful short rust golden fur. They have a moderately broad head, oval brown eyes (in some cases), and long, drooping ears. 

The experience of living with a Vizsla can be quite comforting. This dog is very close to the members of its human family. You must know what it means to live with a Vizsla. 

Vizsla as a Companion 

Living with a Vizsla can be a bit tricky for some people due to the animal’s personality. We must remember that these dogs are loving, sociable, friendly, and loyal to both their human family members, strangers, and other animals. 

That beautiful personality can annoy some owners due to different reasons. One of them is that this pet will literally follow you everywhere. Whether you go to the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even the bathroom, your Vizsla will follow you. Many other owners see that behavior adorably and love it. 

If you are a hunter, a Vizsla will be the perfect companion for you. This breed has achieved considerable popularity throughout the world thanks to its hunting qualities. 

Living with this type of dog will not be a problem when your friends visit you. The Vizslas are not aggressive. Instead, they will try to make friends with your visitors. You must bear in mind that they must first know them well so that they trust them completely. 

You must be willing to spend a lot of time with your dog as they are a breed with many emotions. That means they need you to express your love to them all the time. These pets are sad when their owners leave the house to go to work. Therefore, you must take the appropriate measures so that your Vizsla is not emotionally affected. 

Physical Activities 

If you are the owner of a Vizsla, you should like physical activities. These dogs were practically born to exercise. That is one of the reasons why they perform so well during hunting. 

As the owner of these dogs, you must prepare a daily routine in which you help your dog to do physical exercises. That includes taking it for a walk, which it loves, in addition to other activities. You should ensure that your Vizsla does between 1 and 2 hours of daily exercise spread over several training sessions. If your dog is a few months old, it is recommended that it be less than an hour of physical activity. 

If you live alone with your Vizsla, then you must take into account something vital. You may need to go to work during the day, which implies that you will leave your dog alone at home. This pet was not born to be confined in an enclosed space. As we have previously said, these dogs are active and need to move frequently. Leaving them locked up in the house could generate anxiety, causing them to destroy everything in their path, thus releasing all their accumulated energy. 

Taking into account the situation mentioned above, you should try to find a solution. You could leave your Vizsla in charge of a member of your family or also under the responsibility of a dog sitter. 

Vizslas Living with Others 

When acquiring a dog, it is vital to do it based on the type of person you are, if you live with someone or if you receive many visits. Fortunately, a Vizsla qualifies for all of them. 

If you are a parent, you should not worry about having your children close to your pet. As we have previously said, this breed is friendly and affectionate with all people, so they do not show signs of aggressiveness. In fact, this dog stands out for enjoying the company of children since they can play and have fun with them. 

When you receive visits from your friends, you will not have any problems either. Vizslas are animals willing to make any friendship regardless of whether they know that person or not. However, in this case, you must observe them well since they require some time to get to know them better and trust them. 

Vizslas also relate appropriately to other animals. These dogs love to interact with others, and perhaps that is the reason why they have no problem living with other dogs. However, this situation requires that you have previously accustomed it to being with other animals. Unlike other dog breeds, Vizslas can also coexist peacefully with cats. 

Place Where You Live 

Fortunately, the Vizslas adapt to any place, be it the city, a town, or the country, although that will depend on certain circumstances. Remember that these dogs were not born to be confined to a house. Therefore, a good option for them is that you live in a house with a garden or an open space where your dog can run, jump, or play. 

An apartment may not be the best option for them. Although Vizslas can adapt to a place with these features, they will not have space where they can run freely. If this is your case, you should take them out for a walk often or to do any physical activity. 


Vizslas are lovely dogs with which you can live satisfactorily. You will have a loyal friend who will never make you feel alone. It will follow you to every room in your house and will even want to sleep with you in bed. It can feel sad if you don’t express all your love. Living with these dogs is wonderful, and you will never be bored.