My Vizsla Ate a Used Tampon, What Now?

My Vizsla Ate a Used Tampon, What Now?

If you live with someone who is menstruating, it is normal for these types of situations to occur. Many times people complain that their dogs rummage through the trash for tampons and female menstrual pads. That is extremely unsanitary and gross, but it is a very common factor in dogs. 

Why Does My Dog ​​Vizsla Eat Used Tampons? 

It’s not just about the Vizsla dog. All breeds of dogs tend to do this mainly because canines are curious and are somewhat attracted to the odors of bodily fluids. 

The main reason dogs do this is to gather information. Vizslas are intelligent and curious canines, so if they eat used tampons, it is because they want to have information about other people’s body fluids. It is the same as when dogs sniff the butt of other animals. 

For these types of animals, our genital and anal areas contain high concentrations of pheromones, which is what the dogs are trying to detect. 

These pheromones can smell differently from dogs when humans are menstruating, so it is not uncommon for canines to place their heads on a woman’s crotch during that time of the month. 

It doesn’t just happen with women. This situation also occurs with the crotch of men, since human genitalia contain a large amount of pheromones that attract the smell of these animals, including Vizslas. 

What Can I Do When My Vizsla Dog Eats a Used Tampon? 

During these situations, you must remain calm. Vizslas don’t eat and smell tampons because they like the taste and smell of them. 

The first thing you have to do is determine how many tampons it ate. If your Vizsla consumed unused tampons, save the wrappers for counting purposes. If the tampons were used, try to estimate how many your pet may have eaten. 

Your Vizsla may only have consumed a small amount of the tampons. However, you don’t have to worry. Just try to keep it from getting close to the waste again. If you suspect that your Vizsla has eaten a large quantity of any human genital-based product, take it to the vet. 

Besides, you have to watch out for signs of intestinal obstruction in your Vizsla after consuming tampons: 

  • Diarrhea. 
  • Vomiting 
  • Swelling. 
  • Weightloss. 
  • Trouble eating. 

A dog’s intestinal obstruction is a blockage that does not allow food or liquids to pass through its intestine. That means if your Vizsla eats a lot of tampons, it will have health problems in the future. 

As mentioned above, consuming a large amount of human bio-waste products, such as tampons, diapers, and sanitary napkins, can lead to intestinal blockages in your pet. 


  • Make sure you keep the bathroom door closed at all times. 
  • To keep your Vizsla out of the trash can, just use a light spray of dog repellent. 
  • Replace your conventional trash cans with pet-proof ones. These trash cans have lids that only open when you want. 
  • Before disposing of used tampons, diapers, condoms, and sanitary pads, be sure to bag them securely and dispose of them later.