Parti Yorkie vs Standard Yorkie What’s the Difference?

Parti Yorkie vs Standard Yorkie

Yorkshire Terriers, often referred to as just ‘Yorkies’, are a popular dog breed known for their long, silky coat, small bodies, and fierce disposition. 

While almost anyone can recognize a Yorkie, most people can’t tell the difference between a Standard Yorkie and a Parti Yorkie!

That’s because the difference is so subtle, it’s easy to overlook. The only notable difference between both Yorkies is their coat and appearance. 

So, let’s get into a quick overview of the main differences between the two dogs. This way, you’ll know which kind of Yorkie you should adopt!

Standard Yorkie vs Parti Yorkie Comparison Table

  Standard Yorkie  Parti Yorkie
Size 7-8” tall 7-8” tall
Weight Seven pounds or less Seven pounds or less
Color Black and tan, black and blue, or blue and tan Any combination of these colors, plus an additional color (usually chocolate or white).
Intelligence Above-average Above-average
Lifespan 12-15 years 12-15 years
Average price $1,200 to $1,500 $1,500 to $2000 or more
Standard Yorkie vs Parti Yorkie Comparison Table

Standard Yorkie vs Parti Yorkie: History

While Parti Yorkies and Standard Yorkies are similar in virtually every way, they do have slightly different histories to consider.

Standard Yorkie History

The Yorkshire Terrier, as the name suggests, originated in Yorkshire, England sometime around the mid 1800’s. 

These ancestors of the Yorkie were mostly bred by Scottish migrants and local farmers. The breed was developed for hunting rats, as can be guessed by the breed’s height – or lack thereof. 

They were originally bred from Scotch Terriers and possibly also the Maltese. These dogs were particularly great at hunting mice and chasing badgers thanks to their fearless disposition.

In 1886, the Yorkshire Terrier as we know it today was officially recognized by the English Kennel Club. As it rose in popularity, it transitioned from being a working dog to more of a lapdog for the upper class.

Parti Yorkie History 

While Parti Yorkies are highly sought-after and loved dogs nowadays, they didn’t have such a lucky start. 

In the early 1800s, Yorkshire Terriers were still being tweaked as a breed, and those with blue- (silvery) and gold-colored coats were highly desired. Those with three colors, like the Parti Yorkie, were not.

Parti Yorkies were considered low-quality dogs, mainly because it was believed that their odd colors were a result of leftover genes from their Maltese ancestors, and thus, people mistakenly believed Parti Yorkies were not purebred. 

As a result, they were often put down or given away in secret to protect the purity of the Yorkie bloodline. This led to the Parti Yorkie facing the risk of going extinct. 

Thankfully, in the 1980s, one breeder refused to put down Parti puppies for their colors, and more breeders began to do the same.

The breed grew in popularity over the following decades, and in 2000, the American Kennel Club finally recognized the Parti Yorkie.

Unfortunately, some purist modern breeders still refuse to recognize Parti Yorkies as legitimate Yorkies, mostly due to its white color gene.

Despite this, many people have welcomed the tri-colored Yorkie into their home, and they are about as popular as traditional Yorkies nowadays. 

Standard Yorkie vs Parti Yorkie: Appearance

So, the main difference between these two is their appearance. But just what is so different about them?

Standard Yorkie Appearance 

Standard Yorkies are compact little dogs, weighing under seven pounds and usually around as many inches tall. 

The Yorkie is known for its shiny, silky coat, often referred to as ‘hair’ instead of ‘fur’ due to its texture. Some Yorkie owners allow their dog’s coat to grow long enough to touch the floor, making it look like human hair even more.

Their coats are always a combination of two colors. They can be black and blue, black and tan, or blue and tan. Those with a black and blue coat tend to appear silvery in color.

In order to be recognized as the official breed, Yorkies must have their tails docked. Still, some modern breeders forgo this process. 

Parti Yorkie Appearance 

Just like Standard Yorkies, Parti Yorkies are about 7-8 inches tall and weigh around seven pounds at most.
The main difference with a Parti Yorkie is that their coat can be any of the colors mentioned above, but also has an additional third color. Normally, this is white, chocolate, or tan.

There are other color variations, also. For example, Parti Yorkies can be one solid color! The Golden/Blonde Parti Yorkie is all-blonde, and the Chocolate Parti Yorkie is all brown.

Their tail also needs to be docked to be officially recognized as a Yorkie.

Standard Yorkie vs Parti Yorkie: Lifespan

Both the Traditional and Parti Yorkie have the same average lifespan of 12-15 years. This is standard for a small dog. 

Standard Yorkie vs Parti Yorkie: Price

These two dogs, though they’re technically the same breed, do not cost the same. The Parti Yorkie costs quite a bit more on average. Let’s find out why.

Standard Yorkie Price

The price of a Standard Yorkie can be around $1200-1500 on average. This will depend on where you’re getting the dog from, how reputable the breeder is, and whether or not it has Kennel Club papers. 

Parti Yorkie Price

Parti Yorkies, on the other hand, usually cost around $1,500 or more, often reaching $2,000 for a puppy.

Why is this? Well, the simple answer is that they’re more rare as a breed. The Parti Yorkie’s unique colors come from a recessive gene, which needs to be present in both parent dogs. 

Often, breeders end up with Parti Yorkies by pure luck, and weren’t trying to breed a Parti on purpose!

So, based on the difficulty and sheer luck involved with breeding a Parti Yorkie, it’s understandably more expensive. 

Additionally, any Parti Yorkie registered with the American Kennel Club will cost more, as the AKC register only purebred dogs. 

Conclusion: Regular Yorkies vs Parti Yorkies

Overall, you probably now know why Regular Yorkies and Parti Yorkies are so easily mistaken for the same exact dog! Their differences are very minor, but once you know what sets them apart, you can’t be mistaken. 

A Parti Yorkie has three colors to its coat, while a Standard Yorkshire Terrier has only two. That’s the only real difference, apart from the price of the dog itself. 

Regardless of which one you choose to adopt, the Yorkshire Terrier is an intelligent, brave, and confident dog. Whether it has three colors to its coat or only two, you’re sure to have a fierce and loyal companion.

Remember to adopt from a reputable breeder and ask if the parent breeds of your new Yorkie have been screened for common health problems, including eye problems and luxatingpatella.

Thanks for reading!