Pomeranian and Toy Poodle Mix A Complete Guide

Pomeranian and Toy Poodle Mix

Poodles are one of the most popular breeds around the world, so it makes sense that people also love to cross their beloved Poodles with other breeds to create a familiar but unique mixed breed.

Pomapoos are the resulting mix of a Pomeranian and a Toy Poodle. These tiny canines are smart, loving, and playful but can be a handful if left to their own devices with little to no supervision.

Continue reading to learn more about the Pomapoo, its parent breeds, and whether it might just be the dog you’ve been looking for.

Pomeranian, Pomapoo, and Toy Poodle Comparison Table

  Pomeranian Pomapoo Toy Poodle
Height 6-7 inches 6-10 inches Less than 10 inches
Weight 3-7 pounds 3-9 pounds 4-6 pounds
Life Expectancy 12-16 years 12-14 years 10-18 years
Colors Beaver
Black and tan
Blue and tan
Black and tan
Silver beige
Coat Type Double coat with long length Wavy with long length Curly with long length
Affection Levels Very loving Very loving Very loving
Shedding Level Less shedding Little to no shedding Little to no shedding
Temperament Average playfulness
Pretty protective
Pretty playful
Pretty protective
Very playful
Average protectiveness
Health Issues Patellar luxation
Collapsing tracheas
Alopecia X
Cardiac disorders
Patellar luxation
Eye conditions
Collapsing tracheas
Hip dysplasia
Patellar luxation
Eye conditions
von Willebrand’s disease
Trainability Average trainability Pretty easy to train Very easy to train
Exercise Average exercise needs Average exercise needs Pretty high exercise needs
Friendliness to People Alright with strangers Pretty good with strangers Very good with strangers
Friendliness to Dogs Alright with other dogs Alright with other dogs Alright with other dogs
Drooling Levels Little to no drooling Little to no drooling Little to no drooling
Mental Stimulation Average mental stimulation required Pretty high mental stimulation required Very high mental stimulation required
Barking Level More barking More barking More barking
Pomeranian, Pomapoo, and Toy Poodle Comparison Table

About Pomeranians

Known as the Zwergspitz in some places and lovingly referred to as Poms, Pomeranians are proud little dogs that are distant descendants of sled dogs from regions of Iceland and Lapland. Like many other sledding dogs, the Pom is a spitz-type dog although it has been significantly bred down in size.

Although the breed’s origin isn’t exactly clear, the push for a smaller companion is thought to have taken place in Pomerania, or modern-day Poland and western Germany (hence the name, Pomeranian).

Pomeranian Dog Breed
Pomeranian Dog Breed

The breed’s popularity skyrocketed thanks to Queen Victoria of England, who is often credited with achieving today’s size of a Pom, downsizing from specimens that averaged 30 pounds in weight.

Despite their suspected history as sledding dogs, Pomeranians have little to no drive left in them and can be easily tuckered out by some indoor playtime. Instead, they are content to be entertainers and lapdogs for all.

Their compact size and relatively low exercise needs make them an excellent choice for those who live in equally small spaces or who simply don’t have the time for long walks.

About Toy Poodles

Toy Poodles are the newest of all Poodle sizes and perhaps the most iconic when the term “Poodle” is first uttered. All Poodle sizes produce curly, long hair but the prim and proper attention to a Toy Poodle’s coat is typically what sets these little dogs apart from their larger counterparts.

If you’re not fussy about maintaining the extravagant appearance of a Toy Poodle, the shorter Sporting clip presents it in an entirely different light. Fluffy and soft almost like a teddy bear, the coat gives way to the athletic and sleek features of a Toy Poodle.

Toy Poodle Dog Breed
Toy Poodle Dog Breed

Toy Poodles were bred to their existing size for the express purpose of a companionship life in the big, American city. Even so, these diminutive dogs excel in swimming so their history as waterfowl hunters and retrievers still runs strong in their blood.

A Toy Poodle may even be able to find you the occasional truffle, an elusive product used in many high-class culinary dishes, thanks to its powerful sense of smell.

About Pomapoos

Combining two extra small dog breeds produces equally small offspring like the Pomapoo. One must remember to handle these precious dogs with great care because of their size, even if their large personality argues otherwise.

Their foxy, intelligent nature makes them a joy to spend time with and an abundance of tricks can be learned with enough time and positive training.

Are Pomapoos Good For Families?

Even though they are very affectionate toward their human family, Pomapoos are not generally recommended for families because of their delicate build.

Young children have a tendency to not respect small dogs’ space which can cause great harm to the dog, or result in warning nips at a child’s sensitive skin.

If everyone in your family is a little older, then a Pomapoo may be a suitable choice. This is especially true if there is always someone around the house to keep a Pomapoo company.

Are Pomapoos High-Maintenance Dogs?

One of the biggest reasons someone might consider purchasing or adopting a Pomapoo is the hypoallergenic, low-shedding nature of its coat (assuming it inherits the coat of its Toy Poodle parent).

This is great for people who don’t like to be constantly cleaning dog hair from their furniture and floors, but it does involve some more grooming than other breeds.

Brushing, for example, is a necessity should you want to keep a Pomapoo’s hair free of matting and debris. It keeps the coat moisturized and soft as well by pulling natural oils from the skin along the length of the hairs.

When the coat becomes too long, the occasional visit to a professional groomer is required for safe trimming.

Otherwise, Pomapoos are much like any breed and need a regular bath about once a month to keep them clean without drying out the skin. Brushing their teeth regularly is also recommended since many small dogs suffer from dental issues.

How Much Exercise Do Pomapoos Need?

Exercise is a key component in preventing a Pomapoo from becoming overweight or obese. Because of its small size, a Pomapoo can be sufficiently exercised with enough playtime around the house or a short walk around the neighborhood.

At least 30 minutes a day should be enough to keep a Pomapoo’s negative tendencies at bay but up to an hour is not a bad thing to aim for.

You must consider a Pomapoo’s size when exercising it though. It can be difficult to find well-fitting collars and harnesses for such a small dog without it being burdened by the extra weight.

If you let your Pomapoo grow out its hair, you also need to take frequent breaks so that it does not overheat. While not overly common thanks to the square-cube law, a Pomapoo can experience heat exhaustion and heat stroke because of its coating.


Pomapoos are adorable little dogs with soulful eyes and fluffy coats. They are typically regarded as hypoallergenic because of their Toy Poodle parent but that is not always the case.

Their desire to please and intelligence means that with just a little positive training from a young age, you can have an amazing couch companion for all your media content binges!