Toy Fox Terrier and Poodle Mix A Complete Guide

Toy Fox Terrier and Poodle Mix

Chihuahuas may be the most famous toy-sized breed but there are plenty of other small dogs that are a joy to own throughout the journey of life.

The Foodle is the precious result of breeding a Toy Fox Terrier and any of the Poodle sizes together.

The playful and sometimes rambunctious nature of the Foodle is often seen as its best feature by families and dog lovers around the world.

Keep reading to learn more about these feisty little critters, their characteristics, and more!

Toy Fox Terrier, Foodle, and Poodle Comparison Table

  Toy Fox Terrier Foodle Poodle
Height 8.5-11.5 inches 8.5-15.5 inches 18-24 inches
Weight 4-9 pounds 4-18 pounds 40-70 pounds
Life Expectancy 13-15 years 13-15 years 10-18 years
Colors White and black
White and chocolate
White, black, and tan
Silver Beige
Coat Type Smooth with short length Curly with medium to long length Curly with long length
Affection Levels Very loving Very loving Very loving
Shedding Level Average shedding Little to no shedding No shedding
Temperament Pretty playful
Very protective
Very playful
Very protective
Very playful
Very protective
Health Issues Obesity
Patellar luxation
Eye diseases
Patellar luxation
Eye diseases
Hip dysplasia
Eye diseases
Trainability Very easy to train Very easy to train Very easy to train
Exercise High exercise needs High exercise needs High exercise needs
Friendliness to People Very open to strangers Very open to strangers Very open to strangers
Friendliness to Dogs Okay with other dogs Okay with other dogs Okay with other dogs
Drooling Levels Little to no drooling Little to no drooling No drooling
Mental Stimulation High mental stimulation required High mental stimulation required Very high mental stimulation required
Barking Levels Pretty vocal Pretty vocal Pretty vocal
Toy Fox Terrier, Foodle, and Poodle Comparison Table

About Toy Fox Terriers

About Toy Fox Terriers
About Toy Fox Terriers

The bigger-than-life personality of the Toy Fox Terrier rivals that of the Chihuahua. The breed started in 1930s America when the runts of Smooth Fox Terrier litters were crossed with other small dogs like the Miniature Pinscher and Italian Greyhound.

This breeding produced some of the finest barnyard ratters with the hunting instincts used as part of the traditional English fox hunt. Their intelligence and loyalty also made them excellent circus dogs.

These hunting dogs are also loving companions. Many owners of these Toy Fox Terriers describe this dog as being a mix of a loving lapdog while still keeping all the persistence of a terrier.

About Poodles

Poodles are well-known dogs. Not only are they intelligent and pretty, but they also tend to be hypoallergenic, so anyone can own a dog if they so desire.

For those that haven’t encountered a Poodle personally, you have likely still met some breed mixed with them.

About Poodles
Poodle Dog Breed

Dogs like Labradoodles or Cockapoos are dogs mixed with the Poodle to provide occasionally hypoallergenic dogs that also make excellent service dogs thanks to the intelligence and loyalty of a Poodle.

Some may view these dogs as ones more specifically for the rich or for people who want to get involved in dog shows, but Poodles are more about looks and were originally bred to be more about work.

Like Labrador Retrievers, Poodles are well known for having a soft mouth, which means they can easily retrieve birds and other prey without any damage.

Their unique fur that makes them hypoallergenic also makes them excellent swimmers, as they aren’t weighed down by lots of thick fur, while also keeping them warmer in cold water.

About Foodles

A Foodle is a mix of the Toy Fox Terrier and a Poodle. They are a designer dogs, and so there isn’t really a standard among them. They can have a variety of different sizes, depending on the size of the Poodle that was the parent.

However, they are usually considered a small dog breed due to their at least one toy-sized parent. They weigh only around 18 pounds at most, but about 9 to 13 pounds on average. They also usually only get around 12 inches in height.

They can have a variety of different colors and patterns, such as black, black and tan, chocolate, cream, white, or any combination of them.

Their personalities are fairly consistent as well, and with most Foodles, you will get a loyal, friendly, and loving dog that is eager to please their owners and are always eager to learn.

Are Foodles Intelligent?

Foodles are a very intelligent breed. Both parents rank highly on an intelligence scale, and when mixed, you get to have a smart dog that is quick to learn.

This means they are excellent dogs to train, no matter what you want them for. They can make excellent companion dogs, but they can also do great as hunters, retrievers, service animals, show dogs, or anything else can you think of.

Are Foodles Hypoallergenic?

This is a common question for any Poodle mix and for good reason. Poodles are hypoallergenic, so it makes sense that some of their offspring might be hypoallergenic.

Many Labradoodles are hypoallergenic, which makes them excellent service or emotional support animals for those who are unable to handle most dog breeds due to allergies.

As for Foodles, the answer is that some of them can be hypoallergenic. Since Foodles are still designer dogs, and not yet standardized, it can be hard to get consistency even in a litter.

So while some Foodles can be hypoallergenic, some will take more after the Toy Fox Terrier breeds, and have their fur type instead of that of a Poodle.

If you want to get a Foodle and need a hypoallergenic dog, always make sure to check that it is hypoallergenic before purchasing.

Are There Allergies I Should Be Worried About?

Foodles are relatively healthy dogs. Besides some eye issues, and patellar luxation, they rarely have any issues. However, some Foodles do get reports of allergies.

Unfortunately, these allergies tend to be most frequently based on something many owners can’t control. Grass allergies are fairly common with Foodles, and the allergy may not show up right away. Sometimes they can develop it over time, causing an issue even when there wasn’t any previously.

Do Foodles Tend to Be Destructive?

Foodles are very intelligent. Therefore, it is pretty easy for Foodles to become destructive if they don’t keep busy. By keeping them busy with training, walks, puzzles, and games like fetch, they are less likely to start chewing or disobeying.

Foodles also have a strong bite, meaning that when they decide to stop chewing they’ll break through things rather easily. They will need some pretty strong toys if you don’t want to have to buy new ones constantly.


Foodles are a mix of Poodles and Toy Fox Terriers. Though they are a designer breed and can look different in pattern, size, color, and more, they do share some similarities across the board.

For example, they are all very intelligent, loyal, and focused. if they are given a job, they will quickly pick up what you want them to do and perform it easily.

They are eager to make their owners happy, and will pick up any skill or job given, whether it be hunting, competing, or acting as a service dog.