A Complete Guide To The Weimaraner Poodle Mix

In the world, there are people who live alone in their homes while there are others who do so with numerous family members. Regardless of the case, any of them feel the need to have a non-human partner not only to feel accompanied but also to have someone to care for and spend a lot of time having fun. 

The above fact is one of the reasons why such people decide to adopt or buy an animal as a pet. They can choose from a wide variety of species, including dogs, cats, reptiles, rodents, birds, etc. However, it is essential to clarify that the most common is the first. These animals will not only offer a lot of affection but also loyalty towards their owners. 

As we know, there is infinity of traditional dog breeds, but we can also find mixed breeds that arise from the combination of two canines of different species. One of the most interesting mixes is the one created using a Weimaraner and a Poodle. 

The Weimaraner dog is one of the easiest breeds to identify thanks to its main characteristic: its silver-gray coat. This canine is known as the “Gray Ghost” due to its appearance.

This breed has a high level of physical activity and is noted for its need to exercise daily. Besides, regarding its personality, we have to say that they are very friendly and affectionate canines that need to be accompanied by their owners or family members not to feel alone. 

The Poodle is one of the most elegant and intelligent dogs that we can find. Unlike most breeds of dogs, this canine has 4 varieties which we can differentiate especially by their size.

It is a well-known breed that can be easily recognized by its physical appearance. They need to be trained while receiving enough attention to prevent them from developing bad habits that can annoy the people around them. 

Weimaraner Poodle Mix 

This breed of dog originated as a result of the mix between a Weimaraner and a Poodle. The name of this beautiful canine is “Weimardoodle.” It is a practically rare breed since it is not very common to see it. 

We already know that there are four varieties of poodles, which are: 

  • Standard Poodle. 
  • Medium Poodle. 
  • Dwarf Poodle. 
  • Toy Poodle. 

Therefore, the size of the Weimardoodle will depend on the type of Poodle used for mixing with the Weimaraner. That means that we can obtain a small, medium or slightly larger breed of dog. 

Weimaraner Poodle Mix: Physical Characteristics 

We have previously mentioned that Weimaraners can be mixed with any variety of Poodles, so that will define the size of the Weimardoodle. This canine can inherit an approximate size between 30 cm and 63 cm and a weight between 22 kg and 34 kg. 

A Weimardoodle has an athletic, muscular and well-proportioned body allowing it to be very agile and alert in any situation. The skull of this canine is wide, its chest is deep, and its back is straight. The color of the eyes can be deep blue, orange, amber, black or dark brown depending on the dominant characteristics of its parents. 

The most distinctive physical aspect between the Weimaraner and the Poodle is their coat. The first one features a short hard coat while the second one has a kinky and curly one. For that reason, we can affirm that the Weimardoodle can inherit both types of fur, the Poodle being more frequent. It can be black, chocolate, white, gray or beige. 

Weimaraner Poodle Mix: Personality and Behavior 

Generally, both Weimaraners and Poodles are very intelligent dogs. A Weimardoodle will inherit the predominant characteristics of both breeds. For that reason, the result of both will be intelligent, fast, exuberant, playful, friendly, and affectionate canine.

That means that they can be extraordinary family pets since they get along well with their owners or members of their human family, including children. They can also get along well with strangers and other animals but need prior socialization training. 

The Weimardoodle is also characterized by being an active and energetic dog that loves to exercise during the day together with its loved ones. They love to run, jump, play, walk, train, etc. 

This mixed breed can inherit some personality traits from both breeds. On the one hand, it can feel sad and anxious in case of being left alone for long periods and on the other hand, it can become an animal that needs attention and feels important within the family group. 

A Weimardoodle will require daily exercise sessions due to their high energy level. It is vital to satisfy its need for physical activities since otherwise, it could develop destructive behaviors. 

An important aspect that we must take into account about this breed of dog is that it can inherit a particular characteristic of Poodles which is the fact of developing bad habits. In this situation, we are talking about noises that can disturb people around it, such as barking. For that reason, if the Weimardoodle acquires this inherited trait, it is essential to pay close attention to it so that it feels loved and important. 

Weimaraner Poodle Mix: Care 

We know that the coat of a Weimaraner is short while that of a Poodle is longer and curly. Previously we have said that the Weimardoodle can inherit both types of fur so its maintenance will depend on it. If this canine inherits the coat of the Weimaraner, then it only needs to be brushed once a week, but if it is the opposite case, it will be necessary 3 times a week. 

This dog should only be bathed when necessary. Generally, it will only be enough to do it once every 1 or 2 months or simply when the canine gets dirty. On the other hand, cleaning its ears should be done more frequently to avoid any infection. 

The Weimardoodle needs to be stimulated, not only mentally but also physically. That is why it is important to create a daily exercise routine so that the canine can stay healthy, active, and fit. Daily physical activity must be accompanied by a well-balanced diet that can provide the pet with enough energy.