What Dog Has Killed the Most Humans?

What Dog Has Killed the Most Humans

The bond between canines and humans has been somewhat compromised throughout history, and this does not only include one type of breed but is something general. Some dogs can become harmless and calm, while others can be aggressive and violent.

In general, we can say that each dog has certain specific qualities such as its behavior, temperament, and physical characteristics that influence its closeness and interaction with the human being.

A dog breed is potentially dangerous when it has certain physical attributes and genetic characteristics of aggressiveness. In general, large dogs are involved in attacks on people more frequently because they are capable of causing more significant injuries.

In addition to the fact that their bites can have lethal consequences in humans, their level of aggressiveness can be enhanced by their genetics and instinct to attack and defend.

Is the Pit Bull the Most Dangerous Breed and with the Most Recorded Attacks?

Despite being a dog classified as violent and dangerous, it is a pet that can be extremely affectionate, loyal, and intelligent. However, it is considered one of the most dangerous pets people can own.

The animal instinct of dogs plays an essential role in the lives of people who have pets of violent origin.

Although the dog can be so loyal and respectful to its owner, that does not guarantee that it will have a docile and friendly reaction when it is near a person unknown to it since they are not characteristics of Pit bulls.

Studies and records of attacks on humans and even other dogs have determined that the most dangerous breed of dog with the most recorded attacks is the Pit Bull.

This canine has physical characteristics and an aggressive temperament that influences its behavior, making its reputation the most atrocious among all dog breeds.

While Pit Bulls tend to display aggressive behaviors, they can become affectionate and friendly with good treatment, socialization, and quality of life.

Instead of arguing that Pit Bulls bite more, we can say that they are more efficient once they attack, whereas a bite from a smaller dog may not be as fatal, for example.

Unfortunately, Pit Bulls have been bred to fight throughout their history. Not only will this breed be tenacious in a fight, but their strength will also allow them to cause the maximum amount of damage to another dog.

When Pit Bulls bite, they tend to close their jaws and shake their prey. Unfortunately, this significantly translates into their ability to injure or kill another dog or person.

Statistics of Dog Attacks on Humans

The breeds of dogs that have attacked more human beings in history are the following:

Breed Percentage of attacks
Pit Bull 63.5%
Rottweiler 10.4%
German Shepherd 3.9%
American Bulldog 3.5%
Mastiff 3.2%
Husky 3%
Other Breeds 2.5%
Statistics of Dog Attacks on Humans Table

Main Characteristics of the Dogs Most Likely to Attack a Human

Physical Build

Dogs with a high tendency to be more dangerous have:

  • Muscular and robust bodies
  • Muscular hind limbs
  • Parallel, straight and muscular forelimbs.
  • Broad chest and arched ribs.
  • Relatively long legs with a moderate angle
  • Broad skulls and large heads
  • Robust, muscular, and short neck
  • Powerful jaws capable of seriously injuring other animals and people

Physical Resistance

A potentially dangerous dog is trained to have high strength and resistance to pain, which means that any other dog that tries to confront it will be at a disadvantage, representing a potentially lethal situation for its victim.


The Pit Bull is characterized by having a short coat.

Height and Weight

  • The size of a Pit Bull varies between 40 and 50 cm
  • The weight of this dog is 25-32 kg

Consequences of Mistreatment and Abuse Towards a Dog

It should be noted that the upbringing of these animals is a crucial point to knowing the behavior they may have in the future. Some dogs not classified as “dangerous” may turn out to be if they are trained to increase their aggressiveness.

Abuse and mistreatment can play a significant role in a dog’s aggression, and as a result of these acts, it will find itself in a situation where it thinks it will be abused or punished in any interaction with a human being. That could lead it to try to attack.

Due to the existence of illegal dog fighting and animal abuse in general, Pit Bulls are often subjected to such situations. That can lead to scenarios where a human is bitten.

How to Prevent the Attack or Bite of a Dog?

It is important to remember that if you go to the house of someone with a dog, you will invade its territory. When such an animal attacks, it usually gives a warning before lunging at its victim.

Observing the dog’s attitude upon arrival is essential. A wagging tail while barking signifies that this canine wants to let you into its territory. The following recommendations will help you avoid being attacked by a dog:

  • Don’t make eye contact with the dog. Dogs behaving this way will generally calm down if you avoid eye contact, as they see this as threatening behavior.
  • The dog may come to sniff you, but still, don’t go near it.
  • You can put your hand down so the dog can smell you.
  • Staying relaxed and calm will help avoid tension between you and the dog.

Let’s take another case. Imagine you are out for a walk, and suddenly you see a dog running toward you. The most important thing is NOT to run because you will encourage it to chase and attack you. This situation would be the same when the canines see the cat running.

It’s best to stand still as a post, and if you’re lucky, the dog will only bark at you as a threatening signal to get you to go away. Then, once the animal realizes that you are not going to run away, it will move away.

This animal might also slowly back away in a relaxed manner, and once it has gone a certain distance, it will turn around and continue on its way.