Why Do They Cut GSP Tails?

Why Do They Cut GSP Tails?

Many people in the world wonder why some canines should have their tails cut off, especially the German Shorthaired dog. 

It is simple. Normally, the owners of this type of dog cut their pets’ tail to reduce the risk of injuries in those working animals. That is, we refer to canines that hunt or work in the field. 

However, not all dog owners consider this a good act towards their pets, since by cutting their tails, they can suffer. 

What is Caudectomy? 

Caudectomy is the total or partial mutilation of an animal’s tail, usually for cosmetic purposes. 

Generally, many hunting dog owners dock their pets’ tails so that it is not a hindrance when hunting other species. 

Why Should I Dock My German Shorthaired Dog’s Tail? 

This type of dog is necessary for the field of hunting animals. That is why to facilitate hunting work and avoid problems when starting the activity, it is necessary to cut the canine’s tail so that it is not an impediment in the future. 

The specialists cut the tail of the hunting breeds so that they are more agile and do not stumble over the elements of the field. 

Since ancient times, all hunting dogs usually have their tails docked, and the German Shorthaired is no exception in the matter. 

However, there are many owners of this type of dog who avoid cutting their pets’ tails for all reasons, claiming that they could suffer from pain. 

Should I Really Dock My German Shorthaired Dog’s Tail? 

That decision is solely up to you. If you acquire a dog of this breed to use it for hunting animals, it is recommended that you cut its tail so that it does not prevent your canine from fulfilling its duty. 

However, you can let your dog keep its tail even if it is destined to be an animal hunter since, as we have mentioned before, the decision rests solely with you as its owner. 

On the other hand, you should think a bit about how your German Shorthaired would feel if you cut its tail. Of course, the animal will not tell you directly that it suffers from pain due to the loss of an essential part of its body, but you as a human being and your pet owner will realize what happened. 

The tail of dogs is similar to the backbone of humans. In addition to providing balance, it is essential for body communication because, with this part of their body’s movement, they express joy, sadness, and aggressiveness. 

What are the Consequences of Cutting the Tail of My German Shorthaired Dog? 

The tail is an essential part of dogs’ communication and socialization with each other or other species. Dogs somehow ‘talk’ or communicate with this part of their body. 

Any dog ​​hides its tail between its legs when it is scared. It shapes it into a question mark if it is on guard, and it shakes it vigorously to show its joy and happiness. In addition, the tail is made up of bones called the caudal vertebrae that have other associated tissues. 

If you cut the tail of your German Shorthaired dog, you not only remove a part of its body but also prevent it from expressing itself emotionally through it. 

It is essential to know that the canine’s tail helps stabilize the spine and support the action of the muscles between the back and the kidney area. 

Caudectomy brings many consequences to the animal, so before making the cut, consider the idea of ​​not doing it. 

In addition, whether or not anesthesia is used during the caudectomy, there is a risk that the wound will become infected, with consequences that can be more or less serious.

On the other hand, it is not the only possible complication since steps can be skipped, so it may be possible to have the animal sedated again to solve it. There may be errors that make the result not what you want, so you should intervene once more. 

When Should I Consider Docking My German Shorthaired Dog’s Tail? 

It is recommended that the caudectomy process be performed when the pet has some type of disease in this part of its body. Among the most common are: 

  • Paralysis. 
  • Alopecia. 
  • Deformations. 
  • Fractures. 
  • Dermatitis. 
  • Small tumors. 

Although it is considered that carrying out this treatment is not the best option, since the recovery is delayed and painful, it is said that it is better to carry out the process when the dogs are puppies because, at a later age, the operation is more painful for the dog.