Yorkie and Husky Mix A Complete Guide

There are many dogs out there, and that is just thinking about purebred dogs. When you add mixes to the pile, there are easily thousands of dog breeds to choose from.

A Husky and a Yorkie might not be dogs you’ve thought about mixing before, but you’d be missing out.

When you mix a Yorkie and a Husky, you get a loving and energetic dog that is good with families and very smart. These puppies can be just called Yorkie and Husky mixes, but also have a cute nickname, the Yorksky.

To learn more about the two purebreeds the Yorkie and the Husky, as well as their Yorksky offspring, continue reading below.

Yorkie, Yorksky, and Husky Comparison Table

  Yorkie Yorksky Husky
Height 7-8 inches 13-18 inches 20-23.5 inches
Weight 7 pounds 20-35 pounds 35-60 pounds
Life Expectancy 11-15 years 12-14 years 12-14 years
Colors Black and gold Black and tan Blue and gold Blue and tan Black Agouti Sable Gray Tan Red White Black and white Gray and white Red and white Sable and white White
Coat Type Silky with long length Single or double coat with short or medium length Double coat with medium length
Affection Levels Very loving Very loving Very affectionate
Shedding Level No shedding Average shedding Higher shedding
Temperament Pretty playful Very protective Pretty playful Somewhat protective Very playful Not protective
Health Issues Patellar luxation Eye problems Hip dyplasia periodontal disease Hypothyroidism Collapsed trachea Eye diseases Hip dysplasia
Trainability Pretty easy to train Pretty easy to train Average trainability
Exercise Pretty high exercise needs Pretty high exercise needs Very high amounts of exercise
Friendliness to People Very open to strangers Very open to strangers Very open to strangers
Friendliness to Dogs Alright with other dogs Alright with other dogs Very good with other dogs
Drooling Levels Little to no drooling Little to no drooling Little to no drooling
Mental Stimulation Pretty high mental stimulation required Pretty high mental stimulation required Higher mental stimulation required
Barking Level More barking Lots of barking Lots of barking
Yorkie, Yorksky, and Husky Comparison Table

About Yorkies

Yorkies, also known as Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs that usually don’t get anymore than 7 pounds. This breed is good at many different things, like sports, therapy work, and agility.

They have a long and active history. Despite looking like a cute little show dog, they were originally bred to be ratters and chase prey through tunnels under the ground. There were even Yorkies in the war, specifically World War II.

One particular Yorkshire Terrier known as Smoky was tasked with carrying communication cables through culverts. After the way, she also became a therapy dog and was thought to be the first dog used for therapy.

Yorkie Dog Breed

They do need a lot of grooming care though. Their fur is said to be very similar to that of a humans. Like most people, without the proper care, their fur can often get matted and tangled. It should be brushed daily.

Though most people get their Yorkie groomed and their fur trimmed so they don’t need as much maintenance, it isn’t necessary. A Yorkie doesn’t shed very much, and instead lose fur similarly to any human losing hair.

About Huskies

Huskies, officially known as Siberian Huskies, look similar to wolves in color and body. However, they are pure dog and have a long history as sled dogs throughout Siberia, where they got their name.

They go by a couple of different names, including Husky, Sibe, and Chukcha. Many people confuse them with the Alaskan Malamute, but these breeds have two drastically different purposes and breeding histories.

Malamutes are often larger and used for their power. However, Huskies are made more for stamina and are smaller. They also have better health and are considered a lot smarter and outgoing as well.

Part of their stamina ability comes from the fact that their metabolisms are unique compared to other dogs. They can draw energy from multiple sources in their body, so they don’t need much food to keep running or working.

Husky Dog Breed

This means that despite being somewhere between a medium and large dog, they rarely need much more food than a small to medium-sized dog even when they are exercising.

About Yorkskys

Yorkskys are a fun and creative dog breed mix. Thanks to their diverse parentage, they can look a variety of different ways and have some very unique personalities.

Some people walk down the street and see a dog that looks just like their one at home, With a Yorksky, you don’t have to worry about that at all, as it is rare that any two Yorkskys look the same, or even very similar.

Yorkskies are do have a lot of the positives of Yorkies and Huskies as well. They tend to be very smart, making them easy to train, and they don’t need much besides a fair amount of exercise.

This mixed breed also is very good with children, and take care to be gentle with them. However, they can be playful and can quickly go from resting to being ready to play around outside if given the chance.

They may also be stubborn, especially if they tend to take after their Yorkie parent more, but overall have great personalities.

You will want to be careful to leave them alone and not let them get too bored. With such a high intelligence and a need for a lot of exercise, they will quickly turn destructive if they grow bored. This is especially true of puppies, but it can also be common with full Yorkskys.

Are Yorkskys loud?

Small dogs are notorious for being loud, and Huskies are well-known for their talkative behavior. You may be worried that your Yorksky will be some crazy mix of these two very loud breeds.

You would be worried for good reason. With these two parent breeds, your Yorksky is going to be a pretty loud dog. They tend to bark and make various noises when there are strangers nearby, when they don’t get something they want, or just when they are bored.

Is There a Lot of Variety for Yorkskys?

There is considered a lot of variety of the Yorksky. One of the biggest sources of variety is their coats. With Yorkies having long and silken coats, and Huskies having double coats that are medium, they can come in any length or type.

A lot of Yorkskys have wiry hair, but any variety is possible. They do have some commonalities, including fairly long muzzles and upright ears. While these are common, they aren’t on every mixed breed.

They also have a wide variety of colors, sizes, body shape, and more. They can come in white, gray, red, tan, and black, or a mixture of any of these colors.


Yorkies and Huskies are both very bold and well-loved dogs, so it makes sense that their offspring would be as well. With the Yorksky, you get a fun mix of these two bold dogs, with minimal negatives. They may be vocal, but they are playful and make excellent family pets.

If you are looking for an active dog that is good with children and isn’t too big, a Yorksky might be good for you. Though, if you have a baby, you may want to be ready for some sleepless nights between the dog’s calls and your baby.